Volunteering - giving of your time - contributing to the community. It’s all so worthwhile.

Boquete offers many other options as well.

Many special interest Facebook groups exist in Boquete. These are the Hobby groups they are: sports, arts or play a variety of games. Most all welcome newcomers.

Below is a list of “hobby” groups with their contact information.

Many of these by themselves are charities, or support the charities.

Google is also a great source for locating groups here in Boquete and Chiriqui that share your interests. Simply Google. “Birdwatching in Boquete” etc., etc. and you may well find what you are interested in.

Reach out to join any group that suits your interests. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to create a group of your own.

If you are in a group not currently listed below and you wish to be added, contact us.

Basura Busters

Contact: Marcia DeCamp Bowman
Phone: +507-6425-6382
A group that picks up trash in downtown Boquete. This group meets every Sunday at 8 AM. Location varies, so feel free to contact Marcia on Facebook. Volunteers are provided with grabbers, gloves and trash bags. After two hours of intensive collection and filling the trash bags, the fabulous workers get together for coffee and/or brunch.

Boquete Birders

Contact: Jason Lara
Phone: +507-6425-6382
Website: www.boquete-birders.com
Email: bsnbirds@gmail.com
Membership is open by invitation to birders living in Chiriqui province. This group is for people who enjoy bird watching.

Boquete Equistrian Club

Website: https://allaboutboquete.com/Directory/boquete-equestrian-club-listing-1688.aspx
Contact: +507-6622-9234

Boquete Knitters and Quilters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com › pages › Community-Service
Email: Boqueteknittersandquilters@gmail.com
Phone: +507-6846.3224
We are an all volunteer group who invest our time and skills for the betterment of our community by making knitted, quilted and crocheted blankets, sweaters, caps and booties and donating them for the Ngöbe-Buglé infants and children.

Boquete Drummers

Al’s Cajons - The seat with a beat
Add speed drumming to your list. Experience it at our weekly drum circle. Free Loaner drums.
Meetings: Every Wednesday - 4pm
Location: Stone Cabin Terrazza & Casa Vieja Restaurant - Open Bar
Contact Person: Al Mills

Boquete Newcomers

Social group that plans events to connect Boquete Newcomers and long-time area residents for fun and fellowship.
Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/BoqueteNewcomers

Boquete PhotoGrafia Club

A place where photographers, from beginners to professionals, discuss photography. There is always a speaker and a show and tell. This is where you will meet your fellow photographers.
Email: boquetephotografia@gmail.com
Blog: https://groups.io/g/boquetephotografia
Facebook: Boquete PhotoGrafia Club
Meetings: First and Third Thursdays - 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Place: Boquete Library, 3rd Floor

Boquete Recycling group por el Acaldia

Location: Feria the gate number changes from time to time
Time: Friday mornings
Only clean recyclable items.


This is a fundraiser for the charity ACCB
Contact: Michael A. Schwarts
When: Tuesday Weekly
Time: 5:00 pm - doors open 4:00 pm
Location: TapOut
Email: accbboquete@gmail.com

Chiriqui Progressives

A group of like-minded, global oriented individuals who share common views about social reform and other contemporary issues and current events. We are thoughtful, committed persons interested in bettering the world and encouraging each other in finding ways to make a difference. We have regular in person activities and events, as well as a Facebook online forum and a website. The Facebook group is private, and you must agree not to be a troll in order to be accepted.

For more information, you can contact Joyce Kinnear at joycekinnear@hotmail.com
Website: chiriquiprogressives.org
Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/ChiriquiProgressives

Chiriqui Saddle Club

Website: GotoSaddleClubPage
Mission: To create and maintain, locally and throughout Chiriqui Province a group of horse owners and riders with commitment to sharing.
Facebook: Chiriqui Saddle Community

Duplicate Bridge Group

Contact: John Sandeen
Phone: +507 6737-2486
Email: dvijackson@earthlink.net
Meetings: Wednesdays at 1 PM weekly
Location: Big Daddy’s

Jaramillo Gardeners

Cool mountain gardeners and plant geeks in Jaramillo Panama area. For gardeners in the microclimate of high elevation + Bajareque mist in Jaramillo, Palo Alto, Alto Lino and upper Boquete areas.
Administrator: Kat McKay
Facebook: Jaramillo Gardeners


Contact: Bill Brick
Email: billbrick@gmail.com
Phone: 6455-8175

Plein Air Water Color Painting Group

Contact: Martine Heyer
Email: martineh@Heyertech.com
Phone: 6676 6074
Meetings: one Thursday a month. From 10AM to 1 PM
Location: Varies


Take-A-Hike is the premier hiking group in the District of Boquete, Republic of Panama. We have 2 groups – Basic and Advanced.

The Basic group hikes 2 days per week – Tuesday and Saturday - at 8:00 AM sharp. The Advanced group hikes 3 days per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - at 8:00 AM sharp. We have a repertoire of over 70 hikes on paved and gravel roads, rainforest trails or combinations of them. Hikes are posted on Chiriqui.life + I send emails 2 days prior. The hikes normally range 1½-3 hours for Advanced, ~1 hour for Basic and are rated 1-10 for distance and difficulty for the average mountain hiker - beginners and non-mountain hikers usually find them more difficult, experienced and younger hikers less so. Monday hikes are selected to be 'easy' for beginners and those recovering from illness or injury. Wednesday and Friday hikes are sometimes more difficult and challenging. Children are welcome, dogs discouraged due to dogs encountered during the hikes. Hikers are encouraged to wear hiking boots, bring hiking sticks and water. We've been formally hiking since 2014 and now average 196 hikers per month (2021) (56 per month in 2014). There's no charge for hiking except certain trails that charge for trail maintenance. Fun and Fitness!

Take-A-Hike is excited to announce our bilingual website! A special thank you to Maureen Kerr for creating this site and guiding me. Also to Chad Wildman for crucial feedback.
Take a look and explore the many advantages of hiking – with Take-A-Hike Boquete. I’m starting with an interesting article in Fitness and Fun titled Beginning Hiking. There’ll be articles covering all hiking aspects, other exercises as well as the value and importance of exercise for health and longevity.


Roger Imerman -
Contact me and let me know if you are interested in a Basic or Advanced group.
Email: rimerman1@gmail.com
Phone: +507-6672-8070