These are dues paying membership clubs. Since they have an active membership, they are not really looking for volunteers outside of their membership base. They do, however, work hard for the charitable goals their specific groups have identified as their projects.

We are listing both Local membership groups and International Organizations that have local chapter representation in Boquete.

BCP Boquete Community Pulse

BCP has been the heart of the Boquete community since 2005.
Mission: Enriching the life of the Boquete Community through the arts, entertainment, community events and services.
Tuesday Market - Community Chats - Theater Productions.

The BCP our local theater group, has been active in the community since 2005 or even before. It has been the center of creativity, and community - providing Boquete with many theater performances and weekly informational and educational talks.

Club Rotary of Boquete

The Rotary Club of Boquete are neighbors, community leaders and global citizens uniting for a common goal.
The Rotary is a well known and a very respected International Organization. They are a membership organization. The individual chapters sponsor a variety of projects. The local Boquete club has mostly Ex-Pat members. The meetings are held in English and the projects usually work for the betterment of education, health and hygiene of the local and indigenes communities in Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro.

Club de Leones de Boquete

The Club de Leones de Boquete is part of the Lions Club International, a network of volunteers will work together to answer the needs that challenge the communities around the world.
The Boquete Lions Club has mostly Panamanian citizens as members. The meetings are held in Spanish. The local chapter also works closely with the Boquete Library Association.