Amigos de Animales

Our mission is to provide low cot spay and neuter services of cats and dogs to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and the surrounding areas.

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Amigos de Animales is a long running spay and neuter clinic that operates solely by volunteers. The veterinarians and our appointment secretary are the only paid personnel in the clinic. The work of the clinic has become vital to our community and has  been growing steadily for the past 15 years. We are always in need of passionate, dedicated people who share the love of animals and desire to improve the conditions of the animals in our community.  Many of these opportunities are outside of the clinics and can be done remotely.

Clinic volunteers - There are many positions for volunteers during the clinics. Volunteers with a medical background may be asked to help in the Pre and Post OP areas where animals are given injections such as antibiotics, parasite medications and anesthesia. There are also positions for Vet assistants and equipment cleaning. The Recovery team helps the dogs and cats to awaken from the anesthesia which is a very important part of the clinic. Training is provided for all positions.

Food for the clinics - Volunteers who would like working in the kitchen area that provides the Vets and volunteers lunch while working a shift. This involves serving and preparing the food and cleaning of the kitchen during and after the clinics.

Food for events – we need volunteers who love preparing and serving their food at various events such as fundraisers and meetings.

Social Events – we need volunteers to help organize, run and promote the events. Two or more motivated energetic persons are needed.

Fundraising - creative volunteers with fresh ideas, contacts in the community and a dedication to our cause.

Thank you letters - a volunteer with a little time to compose meaningful, respectful thank you letters to donors and supporters.

Education – we need more volunteers to help the existing team to visit the schools and    educate the children the importance of sterilization of their pets and the general care  and feeding of their domestic animals.

Membership - several motivated volunteers to increase our membership by marketing the benefits of being a member and what it adds to our community. Needs a friendly, knowledgeable volunteer or two to help to increase our membership by attending the Tuesday BCP market and greeting new people, giving them information about Animales and sign up new and veteran members.

Newsletter - volunteer interested in helping create a fabulous Newsletter that is informative and involves the community. Need someone who can find stories about animals in the community and how Animales has helped them.

Marketing - a team of volunteers to help get the word out about the great things going on with Amigos de Animales. Postings on social media, meeting with local radio hosts, speaking at local functions to reach as many people throughout the community. Good networking skills, information gathering, and enthusiasm for what the Amigos de Animales accomplishes is important for these positions.

Graphics/website – we need help with updating and developing graphics for events, meetings, social media and our website.

Mobile Clinic – new, exciting volunteer positions for working with the mobile unit. A  driver and organizer position are available.

Here are some additional volunteer opportunities that are outside of our monthly clinics, and are not listed above:


Purchasing - medical supplies

Purchasing - clinic supplies


Community outreach


Animal food drive

Please contact Alicia at if you would like to learn more about one or more volunteer opportunities. Or you can complete this contact form.

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