Whether you are a full-time or part-time resident in Boquete, there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute.

What is your passion?

What was your profession?

Would you like to be more involved in the community?

Would you like to meet more like-minded people and make new friends?

Whether you are a full-time or part-time resident in Boquete, there are many opportunities for you to contribute.

Your energies and enthusiasm will be appreciated and are definitely needed by all the non-profit Charities in Boquete.  

Boquete volunteers give the community hope, help and compassion which makes this small village an incredible place to call home.

Sharing your energies will enrich your life and many others.  So look for the right fit for your time and interests.  And as they say: “You get out of it what you put into it.”

Volunteering -  giving of your time -  contributing to the community.   It’s all so worthwhile.  

Boquete offers many other options as well.

Volunteering in Boquete mostly falls into two categories:

1 fundraising

2 doing things - as in giving of your time and skills


The Volunteer opportunities section provides a broad spectrum of the variety and types of jobs waiting to be filled.   We begin with Communication as it is the life blood of all organizations.

COMMUNICATION   This can be a one person at home job or an online and or team job.

COMPUTER WORK               

• Building & maintaining websites

• Writing  and/or editing articles

• Publishing a monthly newsletter

• Graphic design

• Answering inquiries - Monitoring a WhatsApp first contact line

• Emails to  thank volunteers and donors for their contributions

• Directing questioners to the right Person/place

• Posting donated items for sale on social media: ie., Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram

• Creating and keeping the organization calendar

• Marketing - Promotion of events


• Training and Teaching volunteers

• Cooking and preparing meals

• Leadership

• Delivery of medical equipment - need a truck

• Collection of large donations in truck

• Distribution of foods for humans and animals - need transportation

• Doing laundry

• Recruitment of volunteers, outreach

• Translation

• Facilities/ handyman plumbing, electrical and more


Major Charities

In this resource the major charities are listed with their mission and/or focus, websites and contact information.  Each is individually listed in the dropdown list with more detailed information about the specific organization and opportunities for volunteering.

Membership Clubs

These are dues paying membership clubs. Since they have an active membership, they are not really looking for volunteers outside of their membership base. They do, however, work hard for the charitable goals their specific groups have identified as their projects.

We are listing both Local membership groups and International Organizations that have local chapter representation in Boquete.

Hobby Groups

Many special interest Facebook groups exist in Boquete.  We call these hobby groups and they include a variety of options from knitting to arts and sports, games and more.   Most all welcome newcomers.

Listed in this section are “hobby” groups with their contact information.

Many of these by themselves are charities, or support the charities.

Google is also a great source for locating groups here in Boquete and Chiriqui that share your interests.  Simply Google. “Birdwatching in Boquete” etc., etc. and you may well find what you are interested in.

Reach out to join any group that suits your interests.  And if you cannot find what you are looking for,  feel free to create a group of your own.

Don't See Your Group/Charity

If you are in a group or Charity not currently listed on our site and you wish to be added, contact us.