Biblioteca de Boquete Library

Our Mission

​We want to enrich proactively, the culture of the community, meeting their needs for knowledge and achieving well-informed citizens who participate effectively and actively in their society.

Our library was created with the innovative idea of an automated library with open shelving.

Our Vision

Besides being a library, we are an innovative cultural center that also provides access to knowledge equally to all, where everyone enjoys art, music, and the written word.

​Our Objectives

To be a proactive library

To give equal access to all

To have well-informed citizens

To meet their desire for knowledge

To be allied with the community to meet their needs

To provide opportunities for fun and learning

To get people to attend the library regularly



Friends and volunteers - Members of the group volunteer in the library, raise funds, expand library services and help the library in other ways.

The new Boquete Park that is free to all, also falls under the auspices of the Boquete Library Association.  Feel free to ask how you can contribute and participate in this ongoing effort to beautify Boquete and make sure enjoyment of nature and the Caldera River will be here for all future generations.