Dog Camp

DOGCAMP - founded in 2019

Mission:  To rescue and enhance the lives of our canine community.  Dog Camp Foundation is a rehabilitation center.

Website:  Note as of now the contact form does not work on this site and we have no email address.


Activity:   Looks after abandoned dogs and cares for your dog while on vacation for pay.

They are always looking for someone to donate dog food and or willingness to foster, if not adopt, a dog.  They have large fundraising needs.

DogCamp Volunteer Needs

Strong Volunteers and a Truck,

          • Move items from one location to another, every now and then, on-call.

          • Pick up donations and move them to predetermined storage location, as needed.

          • Load and transport yard sale items to yard sale location (and then load, transport and unload items that did not sell).  

Person with a Medium Sized Car

Transport dogs to the Costa Rican border to see Dr. Tello for medical care, as needed, on call.  Right now Javier’s driver’s license is expired and cannot be renewed until his Residency Visa is approved (which is on hold due to delays caused by the pandemic).     

Laundry Volunteers, 3 Hours each,  a Monday, Wednesday or Friday

Volunteers to assist with laundry, socializing the dogs, and miscellaneous small projects at DogCamp on a designated day:  Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  Ideally, 2 Volunteers would team up and work together on their assigned day once a week, either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Socializing the Dogs   At this time there is not a safe road or trail around the property to walk the dogs and cars travel at high speeds on the main avenue.  Instead of walking the dogs, Volunteers who are on-site performing other tasks could take turns playing and petting the dogs to help socialize them.  The more people the dogs are exposed to, the better adjusted the dogs become.

Volunteer Workers, 4 Hours each,  Monday and Friday

Miscellaneous projects, such as mending dog beds, cleaning the enclosure, fumigating areas of the property, feeding the dogs, cleaning dog bowls, washing dog toys & collars, de-worming dogs, etc.  Special other projects, periodically.  Ideally, 2 Volunteers would team up and work together on their assigned day once a week, either a Monday or Friday.

Computer Volunteer, 6 to 8 Hours a Week

Need a Volunteer to update FB posts and copy all FB updates to the DogCamp webpage.  Other tasks include:  Help needed posts, “these dogs are ready for adoption” posts, and  “Thank You for your donation” e-mails.